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Bearing Fuel Filter Oil Filter Turbo steel water pump Brass water pump Water pump accessories Bellows Hose clip Air cleaner ပုိက္ဆက္၊အဲလဘုိ.သေရ Straight coolant hose/water connection USA pipe စတီးနားသီး Control Lever, Single , double Engine Oil Fuel Auto Level Tank Heat exchanger ေၾကးအဲလ္ဘုိ.အရစ္/နီပယ္အရစ္္ေဆးတံေကာက္ Water valve CHUGOKU Marine paints Plato Expoxy glue Blue Control Cable Exhaust Plain [...]

Gear spare parts

Gear bearing Inner annulas and spider Clutch casing friction plate Drive gear Transmission shaft Oil pump Gear pipe Input coupling Output coupling Oil cooler Pinion Filters Toothed rubber block Sealing Oil Sealing Hydraulic control system Piston

Japan Engine Spare parts

Piston Liner Ring Gasket fullset Head gasket Bearing water pump Oil pump Motor Crankshaft pulley fuel AC pump Oil cooler core Oil cooler cover Pan Oil ကလုိင္းကစ္ပါကင္ Water pump impeller Water pump shaft Side cover Camshaft bearing Oil Filter Fuel filter Nozzle pump Fuel Over pump Yanmar Filters and Zinc

Cummins Engine & spare parts

Camshaft Crankshaft Block Oil Pan Adapter Oil Pan Head and accessories Bearing Piston+pin+clip+ring Liner Injector connecting rod After cooler upper + lower Core, After cooler Turbo and accessories Gasket Fullset Water pump & accessories Housing rocker lever/ Lever Rocker Camshaft Rocker Oil cooler Oil cooler cover Exhaust manifold Water pipe Flywheel Gear Manifold Oil Thermostat [...]